Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Digital Collage

Here is my digital collage.

My favourite online app. is facebook as I can keep in touch with my primary school friends and play with them as well.

1. http://www.choristersguild.org/images/twitter_logo.jpg

2. http://saahildutta.com/images/dictionary.com_logo.jpg

3. http://www.bigboybloater.com/blogspot_logo.jpg

4. http://www.bgsu.edu/departments/greal/llc/index/logo_facebook.jpg

5. http://www.hashemian.com/blog/images/yahoo-logo.jpg

6. http://www1.umn.edu/recycle/images/youtube_logo.jpg

7. http://www.finaid.org/about/images/MSN_logo.gif

8. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3405/3285777403_8f0a9b886d.jpg

9. http://www.infocommsingapore.sg/isg/var/plain_site/storage/images/company/learning_edvantage_pte_ltd/3229-4-eng-US/learning_edvantage_pte_ltd_large.jpg


  1. Hi Preston,

    Perhaps you could share if there's any potential of Facebook being used for learning?

    What are some applications in Facebook that allow you to work together with others?

    Let's hear from you...

  2. Well for starters, we could all log into Facebook and discuss about our homework through the Home page, but of course all of our Facebook friends would see what we are discussing. Also, if we want to discuss our homework privately, we could use the Chat application available, but it is only for 1 on 1 chat. If we all want to discuss something, I prefer going to Twitter than to Facebook. To me, we use Facebook to keep in touch with our old friends, and to reach out to have new friends. But it's not suitable for a group discussion...