Sunday, December 13, 2009

My experience on Google Maps 2(a)

Using Google Maps was easy as I have Google Earth in my computer. But the application itself was brand new to me. After a look at the video, I managed to familiarize myself to the new program. I live in Ang Mo Kio, so it would take me at most 1/2 an hour to reach SST. (via PIE, CTE or AYE) My parents would normally send me to school. Let's try going to SST via the PIE. First, my father/mother would have to head west on Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 towards Ang Mo Kio Street 42. Secondly, they would have to turn left at Ang Mo Kio Ave 6. Then they would continue to drive to Marymount Rd. When they reach Marymount Lane, they would have to turn right and turn left on Lornie Rd. After that, they would continue onto Adam Rd and exit via the ramp to PIE (Tuas). They would continue driving on the PIE until they reach exit 27 towards AYE. They would then merge onto Clementi Ave 6 and drive straight. Lastly, they would make a U-turn at Commonwealth Ave W and I will arrive at SST.

Besides this, Google Maps also allows me to monitor the traffic conditions at that time, so I can plan my trip ahead. And if my parents could not drive me to school, I could check Google Maps and see what public transport I can take to get me to SST.

I think Google Maps is a system that people can reley on to plan thier trips to places in Singapore. But if the system should break down, we could not check the traffic conditions and the routes that we could take to reach our destinations. So we should not reley on it too much.

(sorry if I did not write my post correctly, I did not quite understand  what I need to do)


  1. Hi Preston

    Thanks for the detail description of the journey from home to SST.

    If you revisit the paragraph of the journey, it's not difficult to find that we can use GoogleMap to tell a story (if you were to spice it up with observations on the road). This is one potential use of Googlemaps for learning :D

    Well, the purpose of this activity is really to get you explore how GoogleMap could be useful to us - be it everyday application or even for learning :D


  2. BTW, notice that timing of the blog has not set to Singapore Time yet.

    Explore SETTINGS and see if you could make the necessary changes.