Friday, December 11, 2009

My experience in creating this blog

This is my second blog that I am currently managing. But I am still not that good at managing blogs. But while I am making this blog, I feel that this is about my life, my life in SST, a new journey that has already started. By blogging, I could keep in touch with my new teachers and friends, share information that I have found, and also do homework together with my friends.


  1. Thanks for being so candid about your trying to manage blogs and being so open about creating one about your life in SST!

    Yes, blogging allows us to share information but most importantly, it opens the window (and notice I did not use "door") to your reflections. Hope to hear new insights as you grow and develop into a thinker and innovator!

  2. Hi Preston

    Yes, this blog not only opens a new chapter; it also continues your connection with your friends you have in the Primary School - where you could continue to share your thoughts and experiences with them :D

    Looking forward to see the next post on the GoogleMaps :D

    Happy exploring :D