Monday, January 4, 2010

Personal Reflection on first day of school at SST.

Hi, it's me again!
Here is my personal reflection on the first day of school.
When I first stepped into this school, all I saw were complete strangers. But after 1 day, I managed to work with some new friends, meet new teachers, and also get to know more about each other. I was also worried that work at sec. school would be tough. But it was not as bad as I thought.
For today's and other projects, I will be the reporter. So I keep track of all of the projects that we were given and send them to the form teacher. I helped give suggestions to the type of bridge that we were supposed to build. I also helped the team with the team reflections.
To me, participation is important as we get to learn new things along the way and also build teamwork. I have learnt that teamwork is very important when handling group projects and that teamwork is useful when we can't think of a solution or an answer to a question.
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